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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

My Interview With Rambo the Exotic Dancer

What it do? As I said when I started this site we are about the business @ We are official on the domain front.

Bookmark this site because every month we will have a featured person who is up and coming; be it a writer, exotic dancer, author, name it. This month, we going to jump it off with Rambo the exotic dancer. This is a cool ass kat, right hur, we had a chance to chop it up for a minute....

LS: Where Are You From? What Set Are You Claiming?
RAMBO: Originally, Rochester NY Born And Raised, Blood, And G-Boys Got A Past Too

LS: When Then You Get Started?
RAMBO: In College When I Was About 20 Dancing For Girls @ First Then Guys

LS: How Long Have You Been In The Exotic Dancing Business?
RAMBO: About Maybe 6 Years

LS: What’s Your Favorite Type Of Crowd To Perform In Front Of?
RAMBO: Both Male And Female

LS: What Places Have You Traveled To And What’s Your Favorite?
RAMBO: All Over, Too Many To Count But Italy Was My Favorite Place To Go

LS: What’s Your Sexual Orientation?
RAMBO: Bi, Actually

LS: How Do You Feel About Gay Rights? Do You Think That Gay Rights Movement Is Similar Or Different From The Civil Rights Movement?
RAMBO: Very Similar I Don’t Mind At All

LS: Are You Currently In A Relationship?

LS: Is There Anybody Who Catches You Eye, Or Does Your Profession Keep You From Developing A Relationship?
RAMBO: Somewhat, Another Dancer Lol !!

LS: Okay Kool, So Does He/He Know That You Scooping Them Out?
RAMBO: He..He? U Aint Right No He Doesn’t .. A little Far On Stage Too!

LS: So What Do You Look For In A Potential Mate?
RAMBO: Someone Who’s Honest Who A Thug And All Around Cool Person

LS: Do You Think I’m Sexy? Do I Have The Look To Be In The Business?
RAMBO: Yes, I Really Do, You Do Have The Look

LS: Thanks Shawdy, I’m Working On My Pole Skills. Some Xtra Special For My Boi When We Get Bored. You Are Hella Sexy Especially With All Them Tats What’s Up With Lionel?
RAMBO: Thanx Actually It A Symbol Of Strength

Is This A Long Term Profession?? What Are Your Plans For The Future?
RAMBO: I Really Don’t Know Or Haven’t Decided, I Have 2 Degrees Though

LS: What Are Your Two Degrees In?
RAMBO: Business Associates, And Liberal Arts

LS: Who Would You Say Is On Top Of Their Game In The Exotic Dancing Business?
RAMBO: Mega Body

LS: Thanks For Giving Me Some Time To Interview You. My Next Interview Is With An Upcoming Porn Star?? Who’s Your Favorite?
RAMBO: Brian Pumper, Lol!!

*I don’t know what he laughing about, Brian Pumper is sexy. Every since I seen him in Black Head Nurses, I’ve been downloading his porn from time to time. I think he was the reason why I partake on the colored challenged pink dragon. If you want to check out some photos of my boi, Rambo, or book him for an event you peep him out @ That’s all for now, Next Month is Nick D’Kannon. Holla at ya boi, Ghea!!!

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