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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Exclusive Interview With Nick Da'Kannon

What it do? Happy New Year!! Its 2007 and I’m feeling really jood. Yo boi is happily married and living it up in Brooklyn, NY. I told yall, LS is going to be blowing up real big in 2007. I’m talking about 11inches type big. I warned yall that we at LS are going to hit you with exclusive interviews from up and comings in the music, porn, exotic dancing, and literary business. Last month, it was Rambo The Exotic Dancer. This month, I was able to catch up with my homeboi, Nick Da’Kannon. Nick Da’Kannon is a 23rd old Scorpio hailing from Cali. This interview is not for the faint at heart. We was on some real shit, grown man, rockin Scooby doos, type of convo, so lets get this party started…

LS: Nick, I want to just thank you for giving the time to interview you, I know you are a busy man...

Kannon: Come on now, You know I always got time for my boy

LS: what's your measurements?

Kannon: Don’t believe the hype, my dick is 11in, not 14 or not even 12. I don’t have to lie about my shit.

LS: Damn, okay, i missed the hype...people lying on ya johnson. You got an inch on ya boi, which is kinda annoying as fuck. Is that on hard or soft? I'm tired of yall little scrawny niggas out dickin me. My little brother is like 5.6 - 5.7 in height and he rockin a 12 on hard. That fucks wit me, makes me feel like I’m the little brother...

Kannon: Damn, I thought it was only tall belizeon thing, but if ah short niggaz is packin fire like that. Whoa! My shit on soft is 7in. That uncut dick for ya'll who don’t know

LS: Okay thats official. Nick D'Kannon representing for the uncut souljahs. So whats ya sexual orientation?

Kannon: I'm Bi, as in if the nigga aint shit, then I'm going to try and mack at his bitch. I dropped the dl status.

LS: Look at you wild ass kat for that one. Ok, so you a open bisexual, how is that working out for you? I recently started being openly bisexual last year. Didn't chase the females away, actually surprisingly, more bitches be on a nigga, all of them wanting threesomes.

Kannon: Yeah, some chicks love that shit, but some chick don’t think it's too hot, I had a bitch slap me for not telling her what I do. I felt bad until I had my sister, Marie Luv, fuck her up.

LS: Its always nice when the family has your back. Are the rest of your people cool with your life choices??

Kannon: Yeah, my peepz are more cool wit it then I am. They be gettin all hurt when I be callin mothafuckas faggot and shit. I love those niggas.

LS: You can’t live with them and you can’t live without them. So how did you get into this profession??

Kannon: I always wanted to be a porn star. Then my sister started to do it. I hung out with her on set and I saw for myself that it wasn’t as crazy as the rumors make it. I decided to go in for some test shots for Green Studios. They sent that material to the people at Black Inches, and a year later I'm in the magazine

LS: Ok, well I seen your work and you are good at what you do. What's your porn hit list? What have you done so far?

Kannon: I shot 2 DVDs, 1 magazine, and I think like 4 internet sites, and people keep coming at me like I'm a star, when I'm like hell I'm just getting started. I'm just doing all the right stuff and working with all the right companies. Thanks sleeping on me

LS:’s the deal with that??

Kannon: Let me tell you about these people. I sent my pictures in to be on the site. It was ah new site at the time and they were looking for new faces. This would've been my 1st porn work, but the dude who was going to shot me went to Vegas on a Friday, missed our shot Tuesday then when I tried to hit him up like "What's up," he told me I missed my chance to work with them, try back in Oct. So since then I've been like fuck them.

LS: But that site throwing you shade didn’t stop you because you fresh in the game, you on the grind, and you are blowing up big!! How are you handling your star studded career??

Kannon: I was going say that I'm keeping my reg. job to keep me grounded, but I just got fired. But you know as long as I have good friends and family I'll always be the same old nigga...that is until the cam is on.

LS: So is there a big difference between you and your own camera persona?

Kannon : It's kinda crazy, cause I don’t have a porn look, I don’t change shit to go on shoots, so one day I'm at this party and before it went wrong, and theses niggas are on the internet looking at my thugbait, they turn around look at me and don’t pay me no mind. But they kept going on about how sexy this nigga is. When they found out that it was me, they said I didn’t seen like the same person, that the nigga on tape would've walked in and been like "Nick Kannon is in the Mothafucka Spot!!!" and I came in all laid back. You know, I think there a time and a place to be Nick Kannon and it's a time to be just Nick. If that was a porno party, no doubt everybody would have known who the fuck i was, but you know sometime i just want to be me.

LS: Yeah I think in business, any type, you have two sides. The one you allow people to see and the one you are when you around family and friends. So lets get down to the dirty ready??

Kannon: More like you better tell your man to be ready for you after I start the dirty talk

LS: Is that right? Lets find that out…So you are you a oral/top/bottom/vers??

Kannon: I'm ah top, I don’t like to get fucked, that’s some shit that I would only do for my nigga. I can suck the skin off some dick, I think that’s from all my time with my blog. There two different sex side of me too.

LS: Okay so out of all your scenes that you have done, which one is your favorite, if you have one?

Kannon: I have to say my scene with Ricco, has to be my favorite. He couldn't suck on all my dick, but that nigga was still the business. He had me doing shit that I'm not suppose to do on tape. So yeah, that was my favorite.

LS: What type of shit??

Kannon: Kissing and eating ass, that’s shit I don’t even do in my personal life. But you saw I was diggin up in them guts like R. Kelly.

LS: Fo sho, Fo sho, you did the damn thang. So your personal life, how is your sex game why you not digging the oral?

Kannon: I just don’t trust niggas like that and I think that shit is rude when ah nigga try's to slide that asshole on my face. I'm sorry not everybody has a nice juicy ass like Ricco. And kissing, I just don’t know, I hate that shit, but I had to kiss that nigga, cuz it just felt right.

LS: So generally like oral but you are selective on who you kiss?

Kannon : yeah I'm hella selective when it comes to kissin, Thats personal.

LS: Pops, always said never kiss a hoe in the mouth. What about suckin dick???

Kannon: I love to do that shit, but no sir, if I don’t like the way your dick looks or smells, it aint going anywhere near me. I love sucking uncut dick, and big ups to all them niggas who keeping it fresh

LS: Lol, okay so you a professional, so what are you into that soft and passionate sex or that throw me up against the wall borderline rape sex?? Let our readers know from your personal life and behind the camera.

Kannon: In my personal life, if we having sex it's 'cause I'm feeling you, so I'm going look you in your eyes, and touch you soft and shit like that. And you know I let my partner pick the speed cause I don’t want to hurt no body. But on tape, I'm stepping my game up, I'm not coming on set to make love, I'm here to fuck your face, make you take all this dick, fucking you hard until you beggin me to stop, then i keep going.

LS: That’s that real TOP branded type of loving. Okay iight, on the bottom tip, how you like to get it?

Kannon: Now I'm hoping the nigga I'm trying to pull now don’t read this. I'm a bossy bottom, I'm going act like I don’t want it, so if you stop, you not going get it. You let me run my bottoming show, then I'm going play your ass. But the nigga I'm talking to now, I guess he wasn't having it, and he built like you and you know my lil ass is talking big shit, and he throw me on the bed and start licking on nipple and not my dick but that area and he had me going crazy. Then he was like aww, you want this dick huh nigga, and I’m like a lil bitch I'm like "yeah". Then I remember I was (key word being: was) having trouble deep throating this nigga, so this might now be the best idea. So, I'm like naw this aint going to work but this nigga hold me down and put that shit in. He started ah lil slow but when I start talking shit he put some speed on it, started to check me and shit, you know being bossy. I busted the biggest nut to date, that’s why I know when I bottom on tape that shit going to be on fire

LS: That’s sound like a real hot ass fuck. I mean on some real shit, its like a big ego boost when you taking down a big dick bottom. Do you have any aspirations for the future in this business, is this a long term profession?

Kannon: I want to be the next Tiger Tyson, I kind of want to follow in his footsteps, you know start my own company and have boys working for me. I want to write my own porn movie, I'll take your help wit that. I want to do a whole lot in the game, I'll be in it for a coo lil min.

LS: You got to have some skills if you going to work with me. Tell me your dream scene. Who you want to be working with and the action that’s going to go down?

Kannon: My dream scene, let me see. I think it would have to be a 3way with Castro, Tiger Tyson and me. It would start out wit me and Castro kinda fooling around, him sucking me off, then me sucking on him, then Tiger comes in, then I sucking on both of them. I love face fucking. That shit is hot. I would pretty much fuck the shit out of both of them. But I know Tiger aint going let me take him down.

LS: You got a little skills there. Three big dick niggas going at it would be a hot scene. Its kinda like a everybody place your bets, type of brawl. I want to take the interview on a serious note for a minute. I don't have the accurate percentile but there is are extreme number of homeless gay/bisexual males. Alot of them would consider porn or selling their bodies as a way to survive in this cruel ass world. What do you have to them or about the issue at hand?

Kannon: I don’t think they should do porn for a quick buck because if that why you going do, then thats all you going to get. You can make some bank doing this but you got to know the game. I can tell you off the bat, this is a white boys game, and if you a black guy coming on set, they going try and throw $200 dollars at you then go back and sell the scene to the company for some G or more. Just be smart about it and have strong back up plan.

LS: Cool, we gotta look out for our young fellas. So as porn star its your job to fulfill fantasies. What’s your sexual fantasy and what’s your fetish??

Kannon: I don’t know, I'm a freak, so I want to try everything at least once, and if I like it, I'll put my own personal spin on it. My fetish is basketball shorts, I love to see a nigga in some b-ball shorts.

LS: Here at, our creative skills are limitless. So here is a scenario for you., I have a cum and chest fetish. My fantasy is to fuck in the snow. So we wearing nothing but b-ball shorts in the snow, ready to lay down some heat. Put your personal spin on it....

Kannon: That sounds like the business cause I love cold hand on my warm rock hard dick. I can see myself rubbing the snow on you and trying to suck you off with fresh snow in my mouth. I hear that’s really hot.

LS: Ladies and gentleman, he didn’t even flinch. He just came at it like it was nothing. Fuck the cold ass snow because we got body heat. We at the end of this interview, anything left you want to tell the readers. What’s next with Nick Da’Kannon?

Kannon: I plan on taking over Flavaworks and 31 Flavas this month, then I want to do some Streetlife shit, you know. I'll be at the GayVn and the Wizard World Comic Expo in La. Just look out for ya' boy cause I'm doing what I love and I want you to love watching me.

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